The Mesa Historical Museum is pleased to announce the opening for the temporary exhibit “Ron Peters: Historic Streetscapes.” The exhibit opening was Saturday, September 6th, 2008, from 10:00am until 4:00pm. The exhibit has been extended and was open through December 2009.

After 35 years as a practicing architect and an artist producing watercolors for Southwest galleries and shows, Ron Peters has taken his passion for historic architecture and painting to the next level of artistic creativity. Ron’s architectural practice has taken him to many of the country’s most inspiring historic cities and towns, where he has collected a library of information and photographs that define the historic fabrics of these communities.

He is now sharing this knowledge, along with his artistic talents, in a series of fine art giclée prints. Ron’s interpretation of the images visually documents the historic buildings or streetscapes in colors and textures that only time can create. Along with these visual images comes the story of the place, derived from dedicated historic research. When the image and story are combined, they reveal the heart and soul of the community. Come to the museum this September to see these remarkable prints featuring local Mesa landmarks.

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