Wallace and Ladmo

As of May 6, 2013, this exhibition is closed. Please stay tuned for information on future exhibitions at the Mesa Historical Museum Downtown Campus.

This exhibition has been extended, with many new artifacts and photos. Don’t forget to visit the library exhibits to take part in Wallacepalooza! If you grew up in Arizona, you may remember the popular, long-running television program, The Wallace and Ladmo Show. This exhibit explores the history and fun facts of the local t.v. show that captivated three generations of Arizonans.

You’ve already missed a free lecture on Thursday, October 18th, 2007. Exhibit curator Steve Hoza spoke on this beloved t.v. show. You’ve also missed several chances to win a Ladmo Bag, and some additional chances to get autographs from the cast! This exhibit is made possible by the Arizona Humanities Council, KTAR, Channel 5, Harkins, The Campbell Collaborative, Mike and Debby Elliott, and other generous sponsors.

Want to know more about the Wallace and Ladmo Show? Check out Brian Nissen’s interview with Wallace, and Wallace Watchers!

Looking for Wallace and Ladmo merchandise? Check our store (both online and at the museum)!

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